Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Canada Goslings At Drift.

Me and Mum have just bought a new camera, Canon 1D MKII. As Mum has no technological sense what so ever I have taken hold of the camera. So now I will be shooting mainly with the 1D MK2 and Mum will attempt to use the 450D and Tamron 70-300. She will be setting up a blog over the next few days and I will post the URL when it is up and running.

EXIF: Canon 1D MKII, Canon EF 400mm f/5.6 L USM, f/5.6, Av, ISO 250, Spot Metering, Shade WB, Shutter speeds range from 1/400-1/640.

Also at Drift is a Hybrid Goose, Possiblly the one at Copperhouse Creek last year. (Thanks P.Freestone for info)


  1. Good stuff Ash, you get better and better.

  2. Good luck to your mother and the new blog. Look after that new camera Ashley. We will all be expecting great things from you and I know you can deliver.

  3. Lovely Images Ash.
    Happy Snapping.

  4. your photography is gorgeous !