Saturday, 21 November 2009

Pacific Diver at Carnsew Basin.

Some image of the Pacific Diver on Carnsew Basin today. Please excuse the quality, the weather was rubbish and I was handholding the camera most of the time!! I got soaked, camera got soaked but it was worth it. I'll be back down there tomorrow if the weather gets better.EXIF: Canon 1D MKII, Canon EF 400mm f/5.6 L USM, ISO 800, 1/800-1000, f/5.6, spot metering, Majority Handheld.

For a lot better images of the Pacific Diver see Matt Sallis and Duncan Jeggo's images on BirdGuides. Or Steve's Images Here


  1. Well done Ashley. Did you not get any Med Gull shots last night - I wouldn't mind seeing them as well? Steve

  2. well done, I went down today and missed it by five minute.

  3. Steve-I'll have a look at them but I don't think they were that good.

    Sam- It's worth trying again tomorrow for such an amazing bird (if it stays).

  4. I have got 2 images of the Med Gulls that are Ok, (not as good as yours though.)
    I will post them tomorrow.

  5. Many congratulations on the Pacific Diver Ash! You'll be surprised how good your pictures are despite it raining! If I were you I'd be very glad!

    I think your blog has some superb pics and some great writing too. Please keep it up!

  6. Dont knock the pictures Ash they are as good as everyone else's. Great shots under very difficult conditions.

  7. Ash keep trying, everyone is struggling to get any decent images in this rotten weather/light at present. Just be patient and keep at it, you will get a break sooner or later. I waited two hours for that pacific diver to get in range for some shots on the Sunday. Looks like Friday was the best day, good light makes all the difference, and I missed it!!!

    24 November 2009 23:23

  8. Yeah, hopefully its better weather on Saturday.
    I also missed it on friday :(
    Thanks everyone

  9. Well done Ash. Great shots.