Saturday, 5 December 2009

Images From The Past Few Month's

I haven't been able to get out again today so no new images. I have been looking back through my images from this year and have found some that didn't make the blog.
Also I have just bought a Canon 17-40 L USM so I will be posting more landscapes on the blog, although I do have to wait until xmas until I can use it :-(

Chaffinch, Rothiemurchus Campsite (Scotland), August

Coal Tit, Loch an Eilein (Scotland), August

Dunlin, Davidstow Airfield, September


  1. Seems like everyone is struggling to get out for fresh images at present Ash. A look through the old files is a great way to refresh your blog. The 17-40L is a quality lens, I am sure you will capture some stunning images with it. (before xmas!!!)

  2. Yeah, hopefully it will be better tomorrow. and Thank you bob for letting me use your lens, its always better to try before you buy.
    I might just be able to sneak it out before xmas, if not its only 20 days.

  3. Hi Ash, thanks for your comment. I'm sorry as I seem to have lost it somehow. I got the gist of your comment. I haven't been out in ages with work and the weather.I don't fancy damaging the camera with the rain. It will all change sometime, I guess I will have out get into a hide somewhere. Keep up the great effort.