Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Wheatear at Davidstow and something a little rarer!!

This post should include images but for some reason photoshop wont read the 7D RAW files, definitely CS5 time!!
Half a day at college today so we headed off in search of the Buff-Breasted Sandpiper at Davidstow, it wasnt there...
While we were there the pager went off, MEGA Cornwall GREEN HERON...
Yep, Green Heron at the Lost Gardens of Heligan, Pager message came through at 15:22 and Heligans last entry was at 15:30, according to Google maps thats 58mins away, CRAP!
Well it better stay until Saturday!
I was also very surprised that Heligan wouldn't shut later this evening or open earlier tomorrow so more birders could connect with it, and at £10pp they will make A LOT!!

Images of Wheatear will come at some point and hopefully on Saturday i will be posting Green heron shots. Good luck to those that go tomorrow. I need a good excuse to get off college!

PS: Red-eyed Vireo and Myrtle Warbler in Co.Cork plus Green Heron in Cornwall (and other stuff like Bobolink, American Waders/Pipits that have been around/still are around) what else could be in the country?!!?!


  1. Ashley,
    we would be honoured if you could share some of your wildlife stories with other wildlife fans at

  2. Hi Ashley
    I had the same problem with cs4 with raw files on the 7D so checked for updates in the help menu of the photoshop which fixed the problem
    Joe Pender

  3. Hi Ashley
    I had the same problem when I got the 7D so I did the updates in the help menu of cs4 downloaded them in to a new folder which fixed the problem . The 7D raw files are more up to date than the Cs4 untill you do the updates.


    Joe Pender

  4. Ash download the latest version of lightroom it is free for a trial period will recognise the 7D files and likely have sufficent image editing tools to satisfy most photographers.