Friday, 10 December 2010

Purple Sandpiper's at Jubilee Pool

haven't taken many images lately due to ringing but managed to get out on Wednesday to photo the Purple Sands at Penzance. My patients paid off as I was lying down and had them down to less that a meter (some walking within a foot of my legs!) I wish I could have stayed longer but I wasn't paying attention to the tide and I only noticed I should move when the camera strap was soaked by a wave (luckily I had my hand under the camera or I would have been testing the weather proofness of the 7D!) By the time i got back to dry land the area I was lying in was underwater!
Worth it tho', shot a bit of video to but i haven't looked at that yet/been bothered to edit it.
PS: NO birds were flushed in the making of this post (Note to the Birdforum brigade!!!)



  1. A great set of images there Ash.

  2. Wow Ashley the Sandpiper is truly amazing, well worth getting wet for!

  3. Stunning images Ash. Well done. Love the 3rd one down.

  4. Well done Ash, it has really paid off here getting wet and getting the low angle of view second image is excellent.

  5. Brilliant shots. Keep the blog updated! ;)

  6. Fantastic shots Ash, very well done, particularly admire the second shot!


  7. Great shot, the low point of view is very interesting. Im looking foward for the video from this shooting!