Friday, 15 July 2011


Found a good site for Seals on Wednesday and decided to go back today to get some proper images. Typical that Weds/Thurs were perfect and today was overcast/rain. Didnt take to many images due to the rain and spent most time looking for areas to photo from. Best moment was having a Seal pup in the water about 5 meters offshore. 6 Seals in small group just offshore at one point was also nice, will be back soon on a nicer day.

Photo'd Prince Charles and Camilla on Monday, 2 of my favs here and here
Princess Anne on Monday and Air Day on Wednesday, might post images here if i can be bothered.

Im assuming Grey Seals???

Nothing special but hopefully more to come, hopefully to pursue this into underwater photos...


  1. Good stuff Ash, nice change to see from a low angle.

  2. Hi, yeah these are grey seals. I have just finished a 4 month project on them in Cornwall. have a look at my blog for some of my images. I would be interested to know where this individual was seen because i believe I have seen it before. I recognise the cut on the forehead.