Saturday, 19 September 2009

Waders at Davidstow

A few images from today at Davidstow. I originally thought I was photographing Dunlin and Ringed Plover but after looking at some of the Baird's images from Davidstow and Marazion I started to doubt the Dunlin ID, Can anyone confirm it.
I am still experimenting with RAW but so far I have found it a great advantage over Jpeg. All images Shot in RAW and converted in Photoshop, ISO 200, 400mm.


  1. Hi Ashly, great to see you have found shooting raw anvantageous. Nice images good to see you posting again. I will leave the ID's to the experts. There are however fairly large pictures of Bairds in my blog if that is any help.

  2. Hi Ash,

    Your 'dunlin' looks very much like the Baird's to me. Some very nice shots here. Just one thing - try altering the white balance a bit; some of the photos have a bit of a brown cast to them. For RAW shots, the free 'RawTherapee' software does an excellent job.

  3. Great shots Ash, raw defiantly has its advantages wish I had switched sooner!

  4. excellant photo's Ash. I've been away so iam catchin up on all the blogs.

  5. Thanks everyone, the Waders at Davidstow were'nt bothered by me creeping up on them. It's well worth a visit to photograph waders at close quarters.