Monday, 4 January 2010

Recent Shots

I am year listing this year so I have been rushing around trying/failing to tick the common birds instead of taking pictures. I did though have a good photo session at Marazion on Jan 1st with Bob and Rachel. Thanks Bob for getting the 7D, because I now want one!! And thanks Rachel for letting me use the 500, I also want one of those to now too ;-)
First Image up is a Turnstone at Newlyn on the 31st December, Handheld 1D2 and 400/5.6.

Second is a Little Egret at Marazion Marsh, Tripod mounted, Canon 1D mKII, Canon 500 f/4 L IS USM and 1.4x TC. Thanks Rachel


  1. Nice shots Ash I will let you use the 600mm next time so you will want one of those also!!

  2. Thanks guys, So thats 600mm, 500mm, 7D and 1D4 I now want, I better get saving, thats about £15,000. Ill ask for that lot for my birthday ;-)

  3. Great shots Ash,better get saving those pennies.
    Happy New Year.

  4. These shots are a couple of crackers. Hope to see you out some time.