Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Seal at St.Ives

This is the first time I have photo'd a Seal and I am really pleased with the results. It was just off Porthgwidden Beach and the rocks gave just enough cover to hide behind while taking theses pics without it being spooked. Taken while on Cornwall Wildlife Trust field trip.
I don't know what type of seal its though?


  1. Great work Ash first image is excellent really captures the moment

  2. Great to see the Seal eating, rather than the usual head shots. Well captured


  3. Lovely shots Ash. Well done.

  4. Hi Ash, Its good to see you have joined the CWT Photographic group. I'm in the group but I haven't been out on many field trips with them, I will have to make time for that. What an excellent photo of a seal. It is probaly an Atlantic Grey. If you email the photo to Sue Sayer of the Cornwall Seal Group she may even be able to ID the seal and give you some history of its movements.

  5. Wow I understand Ashley! You got a nice behaviour and the quality of the pictures is just wonderful... Gosh! This guy got a cod!!!! and quite a big one...

  6. Great photos!

    Looks like a grey seal to me, based on the nostrils