Saturday, 22 May 2010

Penzance Grand Prix of the Sea!

This weekend the Powerboat championship is at Penzance. Its well worth visiting!!
All my images were from the Main pier a Newlyn (where the light is good, the parking is good and there's less people). Thanks to Bob for letting me use the 600 for a bit!
Newlyn is probably the best place to view/photo from, unless you have a boat (or a *see last image*)...
I have sorted the 400 or so images down to 14 which ill post in 2 parts.
Sorry they are a bit "samey"!!

Align Centre

I missed the main lifeboat but the inshore Lifeboat was still around
TV Chopper- That's the best place to view from!!!


  1. Great shots Ashley Newlyn pier was a good place to be

  2. Great action shots Ash of a very photogenic subject