Tuesday, 18 May 2010

St. Michaels Mount- ND Grad Test

Ive just bought 2 Neutral Density filters for the 17-40mm. I have only taken about 20 images with them so far and im still learning but here's one from last night at St.Michaels Mount. The weather was crap, no sun just boring grey clouds so I was expecting to only get bad images. I stacked a ND4 and ND8 filter to get the dark sky. I like the weird purple in the sky. Im now waiting for a decent sunset. Also my exams have now started so I may not be able to post images for a while. Im at Lake Vyrnwy for a week in 2 weeks time so hopefully I have some decent images to post after that!
The image is a bit flat but.......


  1. The image is a bit small but it looks pretty good Ash. Looking forward to more ND experiments when you get a nice sunset.

  2. HI Ash,

    Good to see you experimenting. Stacking filters can lead to magenta colour casts as you have seen here. If it is the effect you want that is good. However, there are times when you will want to use the filter to look like it is a natural image. Cokin filters can also give a magenta cast too. Now if you are shooting RAW, then this is something that you can easily cure. Enjoy your trip

  3. Thanks everyone!!
    Mark, I am about to upload a new bigger image, I resized it wrong.

    I think using the ND filters are a bigger learning curve that going from 450D to 1D2!!
    I had a fiddle in ACR (CS3 one) but I have just managed to make the image worse so I gave up.
    I could do with you doing a "how to use ND filters" on your blog ;-)
    Thanks again

  4. Hi Ash great shot good to see that you are experimenting look forward to many more land/seascape shots ( Im looking over my shoulder)
    Well done Keith H

  5. Good work Ash, a budding Landscape Photographer now?

  6. Nice Composition on this shot Ash, yep filters can be a real learning curve, nice effort well done.

  7. Great shot, Ash. Keep up the good work.


  8. A well thought out shot Ashley, and well executed.