Sunday, 1 August 2010


Yesterday morning i was on the Pelagic mentioned in the previous post. Me, Paul, Monty and a group from shropshire left St.Ives just after 5am. We "sailed" to 7 miles NW (It think) of St.Ives and put out the chum. This attracted the usual stuff, Kittiwakes, Gannets, Gulls and a few better things, Storm Petrels, a single Arctic tern, 2 Sooty and a few Balearic Shearwaters. (also on the way out we had Arctic Skua)
Im not extremely happy with my images from the trip as the conditions weren't great. out of the about 500 images i took i have about 10 which are ok and the 3 which are below. Not a great hit rate but anyone on the boat would agree it wasnt easy!!!! The majority of images are just slightly out of focus.
Oh but no Wilsons :-(
Im booked on another one on the 21st so hopefully better images and a wilsons

Balearic Shearwater

Storm petrel



  1. At least you managed to nail a couple of nice shots. It must be difficult photographing birds from a moving boat.

  2. Great images considering the conditions Ash, Good Balearic shot mine turned out rubbish. Well done.

  3. Three nice images though Ashley. I know exactly what you you mean by only a few in focus!

  4. love the stormy pic. Can't wait to see some pictures you're actually pleased with though!! ;)

    Hoep you get Wilson's next time mate, and can't wait to see what pics you cn get of it!

  5. Like the quality of the water reflections in the Storm Petrel image


  6. Thank you everyone!! It was truly impossible to get sharp images!
    To start with I was wishing I had a Nikon as I was at 1000+ ISO...

  7. The ripples in the fulmar picture are beautiful. I recently sailed across the Gulf of Alaska and was lucky enough to see my first-ever storm-petrels (fork-tailed). Looks like you got the Wilson's last year? Good luck on the 21st!

  8. Well done Ash good show,you are a better Man than me.I would have been sick all over the side.
    Nice shots.