Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Black Tern at St.Gothian

A few images of the juv. Black Tern at St.Gothian Sands yesterday. Took loads of images but the majority were out of focus, the bird was very fast. (Just like photo'ing a Swallow). I resorted to Manual focus as the AF could barely keep up. Thanks Paul for suggesting it, i never would have tried it else!
At some point I have images from Stithians i took with Monty's Canon 60mm Macro lens, i just need to find the memory card with them on.
more images of the Black Tern here:
PS: i have been trying out a new resizer and it seems to have lost A LOT of quality in the picture, will be back with CS3 "save for web" next time.

PPS: ive just noticed Google have added a page view thingy in the dashboard, worth a look! some cool stats, the top 3 countries i get page views from, 1st UK, 2nd USA and surprisingly in 3rd Taiwan!!! and Thanks Steve, Monty, Simon and John/Sue as you are in the top 5 URL referrals. Thank you!


  1. Great Images, wish I was there.

  2. Great shots Ash, Yeh the little blighter was like a rocket,nearly the hardest I've photoed.
    Resizer Try Irvanview free download, Think there is still a link on my blog left hand side.

  3. Good shots Ash. Terns aren't at all easy to get pics of.