Sunday, 5 September 2010

Goldfinch nr. Nanquidno

Well this is about the best ive seen today!!!
Saw Citrine Wagtail yesterday but didnt catch up with the Wrynecks and Ortolan Buntings, so this morning me and Monty had planned to return to Tregiffian Farm in search of the Ortolan Buntings, this plan went out the window when i looked out the window this morning! I decided that if it cleared up i would get down and give it a go, well it kind of cleared up, ish!

First stop the reported Short-toed Lark at Arden-Sawah Farm. It was VERY foggy, bad visibility/small bird/big field, wasnt the best combo. After about 30mins of waiting we headed of to Lands End for the Wryneck, in hindsight Porthgwarra would have been a better bet, missed the Wrynecks to!
So now with the fog coming back the only place to go was Nanquidno for the O Buntings, and guest what, no bloody birds. Still nice to get out and i did manage these pics.
1/125 and 1/160 handheld
Also while at Lands End, near Trinity pool i saw a bird dart into cover, managed to get on to it with the bins and all I can say is poss. Flycatcher with pretty prominent white eye ring, it didnt click until Brian Field mentioned the Brown Flycatcher in Yorkshire, that was it ;-)...... I wish


  1. Hi Ash Yep pity about the wx yesterday, it did not let up here all day so think I made the right choice. Glad you got out at least you tried and a couple of nice images to boot.

  2. Hi Ash good images, like the shallow depth of field in these, draws the eye to the subject

  3. Lovely shots against the background.