Friday, 21 January 2011

Seal Sanctuary

Few images from a very wet Seal Sanctuary at Gweek. Good Cornwall Wildlife Trust field trip but just a tad wet/dark. The 7D has passed weatherproofing quality control! No award winning images but a bit of fun and a good test of weatherproofing and High ISO capabilities of both 1D2 and 7D

^^1D MKII, 400mm ISO3200, 1/100s

^^1D MKII, 400mm, ISO3200, 1/100s

^^7D, 17-40@17, ISO 12800 (NR) 1/250s,

^^7D, 400mm, ISO1000, 1/320


  1. Good images Ash considering the pants conditions on the day.

  2. Lovely shots Ashley. One of my favourite places.