Friday, 20 February 2009

Could You Settle An Argument!!!!

This was taken today at Venus pool and my mum and auntie are arguing about what it is. me, my uncle and mum think its a weasel and my auntie says its a stoat. The picture is ... RUBBISH but could someone please help.


  1. I think its a weasel also. looking at pics on the internet it looks very similar!

  2. Thanks I was right. did you get to venus or prioslee ?

  3. No mate mum had to work so i didnt have any transport!!

  4. There was an Iceland Gull Reported on Prioslee This morning!! Shame i couldnt get there, was going to post it on here but it totally sliped my mind!

  5. Q. What's the difference between a stoat and weasel?
    A. A Weasel is weasily wecognised and a stoat is stoataly different

    In other words they are very difficult to tell apart.(Sorry about the sad joke)
    By the way,great photography,I wish i could of taken photo's like you when I was your age.

  6. Hi Ashley
    Bit late with the comment,Stoat & Weasel are difficult to tell apart execpt Stoat is larger and has a black tip to the tail where as Weasel has plain brown tail, pity you missed the end of the tail in the shot. Anyway still great shot to get.

  7. Thanks for the comment Monts,
    its was very fast and was being harassed by a moorhen so it stayed it the bushes most of the time.
    I dont think it had a black tip on its tail.