Thursday, 19 February 2009

What Is This?

I took these pics at Venus pool and I'm not sure what it is. When we first spotted it we thought it was a Marsh Tit or Willow Tit but after looking at the bird book it looked more like a Coal Tit. could someone please tell me what it is?


  1. I had this bird as well! Im going for Coal tit! As it has the white bit on the back of its head! And the white on the wings are drawing me towards coal tit also Marsh tit's have a pale back the bird in the bird in your pictures have an olvie tinge on the back!! Coal tit in my opinion!

  2. Thanks abbot (Angie is it?) and jack
    Thats my first Coal Tit ive seen, it makes the day even better.

  3. Well Ashley on the two bottom shots you can definetely see a white gash on the back of the head,so I'm quite sure its a Coal Tit. The colouration in the shots may make you doubt the top two, but I'd still say a Coal Tit. I am sure Mr Stiths could verify that for us, as he's an expert on Coal Tits! Great shots. You will do well.

  4. Thanks Angie Ill email it to Simon now.

  5. Def Coal Tit and one day i will get one at Stiths...

  6. Some great images there ash!! Ive just finished updating mine if you want to have a look! that goes for anyone else!!

    My site is
    Please feel free to come and have a look!!


  7. some cracking photos here Ashley.

    well done mate.

  8. Thanks to everyone who Commented. keep watching the blog.