Thursday, 19 February 2009

What A Day!!

Just a few photo's from my day out at Venus Pool, Shropshire. I'll post more photo's later on tonight.


  1. Hi Ashley!! Glad to see you went to venus!!
    I went to as well today! What time were you there from, the car Park was packed when i got there at 1pm! Im still processing my pictures but they will be on the blog asap! What are your plans for tomorrow?

  2. We arrived at Venus pool at about 3pm and were there until 5pm.We are hoping to go to Venus again tomorrow but I don't know what time! would like to see your photo's. I have about 4 more photo's to upload. I will post a comment on your pictures tomorrow when we know what time we are going to Venus pool (We will be going in the afternoon sometime).

  3. Only just missed you then, i left at 2:45pm! I dowt i will be able to get to Venus tomorrow, but i could possibly pusuade my parents to take me to Prioslee! 15 year ticks and a life tick for me today! im now on 59 for the year! Did you get to go around to the fen hide? Iw went for the first time today and Missed 2 water Rail by 5mins! Gutted! might be worth a walk around tomorrow if you go!

  4. No we only went to the first hide and the hide with the feeding station.(don't know the names of the hides) Is the Fen hide the one on the other side of the lake? No Bittern when we were there but the it had been spotted sometime last week.

  5. oh right. Main Hide and Lena's hide! I think the bittern has gone now if it hasnt been seen for a while! I was there a good couple of hours looking but without sucsess! Yep, the fen hide is the one on the opposite side of the lake!