Saturday, 28 March 2009


A cold and wet day at stithians this afternoon. After recording the first swallow of the year for me and for the Stithians list the weather got even worse. Todays list:

Southern Cut-Off
Great Tit 2, Robin 3, Chaffinch 6M 2F, Blue Tit 5, Coot 4, Dunnock 1/2, Reed Bunting 4M 3F, Bullfinch 1M 1F, Mute Swan 2, Greenfich 4, Moorhen 2, Carrion Crow 2, Tufted Duck 3M 3F, Little Grebe 2, Buzzard 2, Swallow (First for Stiths year list), Mallard 2M 2F, Teal 3M 3F, Herring Gull 10+, Wren 1, Blackbird 1M 1F, LBB Gull 5, Wigeon 2M 1F, Rook 8, Wood Pigeon 1, Gadwell 1, Cormerant 1 And Chiff-Chaff (Heard)

All with Canon EOS 450D and Canon EF 400mm L USM

1/1600 F/5.6 ISO 800 Tv Daylight WB

1/1000 F/6.3 ISO320 Tv Daylight WB

1/1000 F/5.6 Tv ISO 800 Daylight WB

1/1600 f/5.6 ISO 800 Tv Daylight WB

1/1600 f/5.6 Tv ISO 800 Daylight WB


  1. Well done on finding the Swallow.

  2. Hi Ashley great set of pics these are a definate improvment just shows what good light can do. When I bought my 400mm I spent a long time looking and researching,and finally came to the conclusion it was the best in its range for the money. One site that helped to convince me was "Pauls Bird Images" its a guy called Paul Weston. Google it as there are some cracking images there and a lot of useful tips.

  3. Great Shots and nice ta meet ya out owling the other night.