Friday, 13 March 2009

Work Experience and Photo's.

Does anyone know anybody who would take me for work experience for my school in June. I would like to do something with photography (anything will do) even if it is helping out in a shop or preferably out taking photo's.

I'm unsure on the date but I think it is the week beginning 8th of June. Please comment or email me at if you or anyone you know would let me work for you/them for the week.

See you at optics day at Stithians on Sunday.



  1. You could try your local photographer. They might be able to take you on!

  2. yeah There are a few people I could ask.
    Hows your blog going?
    You haven't posted anything recently

  3. The blog is going great mate! Thanks, Since ive been on your site ive had 4 followers!! I dont really get to go out very much due to college and me refereeing on a weekend! It doesnt leave any time for me to get out!
    Easter is coming up and im going down to wales! So hopfully ill get out! Target birds will be; Pufin, Gilimot, Black Gulimot, And some divers!! I also want to get Short -eared - owl so i might be getting on bird gudies and get the map out!!

    Great blog mate!!