Sunday 25 July 2010


Can i apologise to all the readers (are there any??) of my blog! I have promised images and so far have posted very little. To be honest I still havent looked through my images from lake Vyrnwy fully and this is mainly due to the laptop is on its last legs!
Anyway I have ordered a new PC from Pc specialist ( they are a very very good company and should be your first call if you are about to buy a new PC!! they build the computer to the spec you want which for a photographer wanting more memory or RAM etc etc it is brilliant. I wont bore you with my spec (unless you want it?, NO, ok) all I can say is i think i went OTT and went A LOT over budget!!

The pc should be here some time this week coming and should hopefully be up and ready to process images on Saturday after the Pelagic with Paul, Monty and Mark, which i hope to have frame filling images of Wilsons Petrel.
And last of all sorry to all the people who's blogs i usually comment on or who appear in the blog list on the left hand side, i have been reading your blogs just havent commented for ages!

Here is an image you have all seen 100's of times but just to show what we hope to see on Saturday, Wilson Storm Petrel...

Book your place on one of the Cornwall birding pelagics from St.Ives through out August here...

Monday 5 July 2010

Farm Stuff Part 1 - Chickens

Images from a friends farm of the chickens! I used 1D2 and 17-40mm to get a different perspective. Next up will be either images of Cows or Sheep....
Also new Cornwall Birding yahoo group, to discuss anything about birds in Cornwall:

not technically perfect but funny

Friday 2 July 2010

Slimbridge Part 2

Part 2 of Slimbridge. This will probably be the final post as the other images i took were quite similar and i cant then post them another time when i have no images to post. Next will be images from Lake Vyrnwy, that will be a small post as i didnt take that many images.

They take security very seriously at all WWT centres...

Wood Duck
Red Crested Pochard, shame about the burnt out bit

male Smew, shows the DoF