Thursday 15 December 2011


As usual, I havent posted here for ages. Been busy with Press photography and havent done much Wildlife stuff. I dont think i have any decent wildlife images apart from the simple Turnstone image and the Iceland Gull below so I've included some recent press stuff as well.

Turnstone, St Ives

Iceland Gull, St Ives

Iceland Gull, St Ives

Princess Anne opened a sexual assault referral centre in Truro back in December, It was a private event with only accredited media allowed, out of the 8 media with passes (including the BBC and ITV), me and a friend were the only ones to turn up, not very professional of them!

Princess Anne

A week later I was accredited to photograph Status Quo at Plymouth Pavilions, with support of Roy Wood and Kim Wilde. My first ever attempt at concert photography was quite a large one so I was quite nervous of screwing up. Luckily I didn't and got some images im really happy with, Thanks to Monty and Paul for lending me lenses!!

Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt

Roy Wood

Kim Wilde

Ive also recently been accepted as a contributor to London News Pictures, Sent them my portfolio and they liked the images and now im their photographer for the Cornwall area. Hopefully ill get more sales of images!

I have also had images used in The Guardian and The Times, used back in July but only found out when payment came through at the end of November. Im surprised about the images used as i didn't like them at the time due to the crap weather conditions....
Links to the Guardian Articles are below:

Small image half-way down:

and a recent sale to The Mail Online through LNP. 2nd down