Tuesday 25 January 2011

Red Kite

Going through old images looking for images for Alamy and found this from February 2010. Shame about the background.
It hasn't resized well, looks very soft, the original is a lot better
EDIT: Size changed, somehow its was huge when clicked on...

Friday 21 January 2011

Seal Sanctuary

Few images from a very wet Seal Sanctuary at Gweek. Good Cornwall Wildlife Trust field trip but just a tad wet/dark. The 7D has passed weatherproofing quality control! No award winning images but a bit of fun and a good test of weatherproofing and High ISO capabilities of both 1D2 and 7D

^^1D MKII, 400mm ISO3200, 1/100s

^^1D MKII, 400mm, ISO3200, 1/100s

^^7D, 17-40@17, ISO 12800 (NR) 1/250s,

^^7D, 400mm, ISO1000, 1/320

Tuesday 11 January 2011


Took this back in December, the same time as the Purple Sandpipers. Something a bit different to a normal bird image. Going to try to do more like this through out this year, but concentrating on behaviour, light and habitat shots (a bit like wildlife meets photojournalism) where the bird doesn't have to be the main subject, shooting more for stock libraries.
Such as
More of Andrew's stunning work here: http://www.andrewparkinson.com/

Waxwing in Shropshire

Blog has been very quiet lately, mainly due to 300 Grey Phalarope images disappearing from the hard drive, Dont think they downloaded properly and I then formatted the card so they're gone (and so is it) and every time im on the computer im getting images on Alamy to build up my stock, so haven't had much time to sort out images for my blog.

So above is just one image ive managed to edit, not to sharp but the light was bad due to the snow!

Next will more than likely be Dog images as im doing Pet portraits in Photography at College at the moment