Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Black Tern at St.Gothian

A few images of the juv. Black Tern at St.Gothian Sands yesterday. Took loads of images but the majority were out of focus, the bird was very fast. (Just like photo'ing a Swallow). I resorted to Manual focus as the AF could barely keep up. Thanks Paul for suggesting it, i never would have tried it else!
At some point I have images from Stithians i took with Monty's Canon 60mm Macro lens, i just need to find the memory card with them on.
more images of the Black Tern here:
PS: i have been trying out a new resizer and it seems to have lost A LOT of quality in the picture, will be back with CS3 "save for web" next time.

PPS: ive just noticed Google have added a page view thingy in the dashboard, worth a look! some cool stats, the top 3 countries i get page views from, 1st UK, 2nd USA and surprisingly in 3rd Taiwan!!! and Thanks Steve, Monty, Simon and John/Sue as you are in the top 5 URL referrals. Thank you!

Sunday, 15 August 2010


Went down to Botallack on Wednesday last week with Monty in search of Choughs. We saw them but i didnt get any decent images. I did however use Monty's Canon 60mm macro lens and Ring flash (which was a expensive mistake as im now looking for macro lenses). hard to get used to using the flash but i did get some nice images. shame its a EF-s lens but it was good to use the 450D again.
Thanks to John and Robert for the ID's

Cock's-foot Grass
Flash burnt it out a bit here

DoF :-) Greenbottle (Thanks John!!)

Common Carder

Sunday, 1 August 2010


Yesterday morning i was on the Pelagic mentioned in the previous post. Me, Paul, Monty and a group from shropshire left St.Ives just after 5am. We "sailed" to 7 miles NW (It think) of St.Ives and put out the chum. This attracted the usual stuff, Kittiwakes, Gannets, Gulls and a few better things, Storm Petrels, a single Arctic tern, 2 Sooty and a few Balearic Shearwaters. (also on the way out we had Arctic Skua)
Im not extremely happy with my images from the trip as the conditions weren't great. out of the about 500 images i took i have about 10 which are ok and the 3 which are below. Not a great hit rate but anyone on the boat would agree it wasnt easy!!!! The majority of images are just slightly out of focus.
Oh but no Wilsons :-(
Im booked on another one on the 21st so hopefully better images and a wilsons

Balearic Shearwater

Storm petrel